I was a little curious as to how many actual medals were handed out at the Olympics this year.  Then I started wondering how much money that was around all those necks.  How much do you think the Olympic team made?

According to NBC's medal count team U.S.A. had a total medal count of 104.  If you think about all the teams the number of medals increases dramatically!  Counting teams and individual medals the total medal count is 256 medals dished out!  These medals, according to CNN, are worth $644 for gold, $330 for silver, and $4.70 for bronze.


256 Medals = roughly 221.6 lbs of metal

Of the 256 medals,147 of them were gold, 63 silver, and 46 bronze.

147 X $644 per medal price  = $94,668

64 x $330 per medal price     = $20,790

46 X $4.70 per medal price   = $216.20

Grand total medal worth is      $115,674.20