I had the BEST day yesterday, even though I lost my phone.  Details to follow.

To catch you up, I played hooky yesterday and went skiing.  I just started with The Ridge, and they even said it counted as a workout.  I am not going to lie, I figured I would go skiing on a few groomers and sit outside and drink beer.  I forgot who I was going with.

First run, through the trees, fresh powder, legs burning.  Second run, Headwaters.  I've never done that before...loved it!  Legs burning.  A couple runs in between and a stop for margaritas in the sunshine at the main lodge at Moonlight.  (get the blood orange margarita...best thing ever)  I figure I deserved one...or maybe two.

The liquid courage helped me go up Challenger.  At the top, we decided to take a picture, so I got out my phone.  My friend, Lucy, got hers out first so I put mine in my pocket quickly to get ready for the picture with my other friends.  Forgot to zip my pocket.  Several falls later, finally get down and head to the Madison Lodge.  I figured that was a perfect time to text my husband and brag about my ski day.  Phone is gone!  I don't even care about the phone, or the fact it's going to be a pain to type all the contacts back in, I am sad about losing two years worth of pictures of my kids.

Anyway, this is the million dollar picture, and I wouldn't change a thing.  I pushed myself harder than I have in years,  every muscle in my body hurts, and I can hardly stand to sit down.  It feels incredible!    I had a carefree, wonderful, bluebird day with some of the most fun, wonderful women around.  Wish you could have been there!