The new Taylor Swift song was released earlier this week.  We asked Xl Nation for their opinion--- And we got it!  Check out the funny, mean, and sometimes rude quotes inside!

I may not like Taylor's music, but she seems to chop the charts with everything she puts out!  I do believe she is a great role model for little girls though.  Taylor is a good person who isn't getting caught in sex scandals and having naked pictures of herself thrown all over the internet.  That being said, her music isn't really liked by XL Nation---  Click Here to listen and vote whether we should play the song on XL

Top Ten "Do You Like Taylor Swift's New Song" Facebook Comments!

  1. "That depends on if I want to hear someone strangling a cat or not. So, no." - Julia
  2. " fact I would fully support a TS free radio station ;-}" - Kim
  3. “Please no it makes my ears bleed and then I vomit continually until I pass out do you really want that to happen to me while I'm driving? Thanks, Ross” - Ross
  4. “No, I would loose all respect for this station.... My ears are currently bleeding” - Kristin
  5. "No... sounds like every other song from her. Can we have something from her other than high school drama?” - Carol
  6. “I really like Taylor Swift...but I HATE this song....It's like paramore meets Justin Bieber in the voice of Taylor swift...” - Patrick
  7. “Please shoot me in the eardrums.” – Philip
  8. “Not if you want me to listen to it. Gak!!” - Angel
  9. “I like Taylor, but this song is awful, and painful to listen to” - Thomas
  10. “I have to agree with Russell on this one - it's just not "country" enough for me. I mean, I have people I'm "never ever" getting back together with too, but I don't want or need a song to say it for me. But Colleen - you do an AWESOME valley girl accent! :)” - Erin

Why ya gotta be so mean XL?  ;-)