So how YOUNG do you feel?  I may be an old fart, but at least in my mind, I still 'feel' like I'm right about the mid least that's what my MIND says, my body on the other hand is telling me something totally different!

 To encourage people to stop acting their chronological age and do things that make them feel good, young, etc.

 SURVEY SAYS: Getting Old Isn't As Bad As We Think 

The Pew Research Center conducted the survey on aging. They asked young and middle-aged adults what they thought old age would be like -- and then asked old people what it actually was like. 

Across the board, old people said it wasn't as crappy as young people think it will be. 

How Old is Old ...? 

  • Another question asked was, "When does old age begin?"
  • Respondents aged 18 to 29 believe that the average person becomes old at age 60.
  • Middle-aged respondents said it was closer to 70.
  • Those aged 65 and above say that the average person does not become old until turning 74.