The Bobcat's first home game is this weekend which is only a day away. Are you ready? Do you have all of the properly colored attire? Do you know where you're watching the game? What food will you bring to your neighbor's pot luck? We've got great tips to help you make the 2011 season the season to remember.


Show some Spirit

Whether you are in the student section of Bobcat Stadium, at a local bar, or at home, the Bobcats need your support in the form of blue and gold. Don't be afraid to go all out this year. Put on your favorite player's jersey, if it's cold wear a Bobcat hoody, and if you're front row at the game paint your face! There are many other ways to show your spirit. At the school Bookstore located in the Strand Union Building on campus you can get pom poms, hats, earrings, jackets, foam fingers, etc. Show your Cat pride.


Where to watch

If you aren't planning on attending the games at Bobcat stadium or following them on the road, there are plenty of fine establishments around town offering a great TV's for your viewing pleasure. The newly rebuilt R-Bar is a popular place for blue and gold adorning fans to dine and drink. They even have drink specials after the games. Spectators on Campus is another great spot with more than enough flat screen TVs to see the game anywhere in the bar. And being on campus, Spectators is generally the go to spot for the after party. Other great bars for watching around town include The Cannery, 317, The Cats Paw, Old Chicago, Buffalo Wild Wings,

stadium tips

If you're going to be on the student side, bring some comfortable shoes because you will be on your feet most of the game. There is also dancing involved so be sure to practice your best moves. Also, if you're going to be in the student section, don't even think about showing up to the game without a ridiculous amount of blue and gold on.

If you're sitting anywhere else in the stadium, I would recommend bringing one of those back supporting seats to protect your bum from the cold metal and back ache. The MSU Bookstore should have just what you're looking for.

Anytime the sun is out, cold or hot weathered, slap on some sunscreen. Especially if you are on the student side of the Bobcat Stadium. I had a friend who painted Bobcat paws on his chest and got sunburned and the outline of the paws were still visible the next year!

Staying Warm

Living in Montana is great but also very cold. Last year's Cat/Griz game I nearly froze in Missoula and I intend to never be in that situation again. I would highly recommend bringing at least four hand warmers to a game that is below freezing. A myth that most people fall victim to with hand warmers is that you need to keep them moving to keep them warm. When you first open them this is true because you need to move the innards of it around so that the oxygen in the air can activate it, but once it becomes a good warmth, it's best to keep it as warm as possible (not out in the open air).


Wear warm shoes that aren't too tight because air in between your foot and shoe acts as a great insulator. If you pack your shoes tight with big socks, once the outside of your shoe becomes cold it will begin to steal the warmth away from your foot and it's impossible to warm that back up out in the bitter cold.

Bring a thermos full of your favorite heated beverage. Hot chocolate, tea, coffee, or a mixture of sorts.

If attending in a group, speed up the cuddling by bringing a blanket that will entice the group to huddle together. It's like having a 100 lb hand warmer right next to you!

Game Time Snacks

If you're a fan of watching at home the most important part is having a tasty selection of game time food and snacks. One all-time favorite is to fry or bake up a few dozen buffalo wings. Mmm just thinking about them makes me want to whip up a batch. Chips and dip are always a must. I am a big fan of the spinach dip and the 7 layer dip. My mom makes some wonderful 'little weenies' as we call them too. The recipe for these toothpick treats can be found here along with several others. The one my mom makes is with the grape jelly and tomato based chilli sauce and then just heats them up in a skillet.

Don't forget to get a hotdog or soft pretzel at the stadium. It's a good way to celebrate a winning team or drown the woes of a losing team.