The Super Bowl is a week from Sunday. And if you get invited to a party, make sure you're not the person guy everyone HATES. According to a survey by CouponCabin, here are the six things that will annoy everyone else:

#1.) Don't act like you're an expert on football . . . food . . . or the commercials. No one's impressed that you know what a Cover Two defense is.

#2.) Leave the remote alone. Don't change the channels or adjust the volume.

#3.) It's a party . . . but you need to know when to stop talking. Be quiet and watch SOME of the game.

#4.) You can root for a team . . . but don't go all Super Fan. Leave some of your 49ers clothes at home, and DON'T do the Ray Lewis dance every time Baltimore scores.

#5.) Don't announce that you're on a diet and worry about all the calories in the junk food.

#6.) It's also not cool to announce, quote, "I only watch for the commercials." That's what EVERYONE says. It's become such a cliché . . . and the truth is that most Super Bowl commercials don't live up to the hype.