There are so many different reasons your mom is the best... She gave birth to you, she puts up with you, she makes you dinner, she shoots elk, she fishes, she parties at Headwaters Country Jam with you... The list could go on and on.  Tell us why your mom is the best and she could win!

My Wife is a true Montana State Mom!

Do you have the best Mom in all of Montana and possibly the world? Get her entered for the Montana Mom Contest!


The grand prize winning Mom will receive $100 towards metal photo art to preserve precious memories in a very original way. The technique involves using special ink and pressure at a high temperature, to transfer your image permanently to a smooth metal sheet which can be used alone or layered on a variety of metal, wood and mesh backgrounds. Metal prints can be made on a “white” coated background that reproduces color much like paper; or for a truly unique look, try the “clear” background which allows the silver tone of the aluminum to shine through the image.