The Damm Baby BBQ is now officially over.  We decided to opt out of the traditional shower where a bunch of girls get together play games and talk about girl stuff.  Instead we had a BBQ with pulled pork, beer, delicious cheesecakes, and washers!  When there is beer and Russell involved some funny things happen---  Check out me trying to match bellies with my wife!

While opening presents I found the need to stuff my shirt with tissue paper to try and match my wife.  I know she doesn't look very amused in the picture--- She was actually laughing at me.

And while we opened a bunch of gifts for my baby girl some of the guys were bored so they enjoyed beer in the garage.  It really wasn't boring for the guys.  If you are planning on having a baby shower I would recommend having Baby BBQ instead--- That kind of sounds bad...  No babies were harmed in the making of this post!