This Saturday, August 9th, we're teaming up with Kenyon Noble to giveaway $1000 that's in the 'Boot Full of Loot'! . Congrats to all of you in the XL Nation who have qualified to be there and who are now eligible to win the cash!

We'll have 100 people out at Kenyon Noble on Saturday with a chance to win the money, so if you haven't qualified yet, make sure you come by the radio station on Wednesday between 7am - 8:30am. THIS WILL BE YOUR LAST CHANCE TO QUALIFY and be invited to join our Lucky 100, who will have a chance to win the cash on Saturday.

XL Country is located at 125 W. Mendenhall (just past O'Reilly Auto Parts). Just pull over to the curb, we'll hand you a sign up sheet, and we'll get you registered without you ever having to leave your vehicle. We'll qualify 15 people on Wednesday to come join us on Saturday morning. at Kenyon Noble.

Congrats if you've qualified and please be at Kenyon Noble no later than 10am on Saturday with a valid picture ID. You should know if you have already qualified (we've been calling people). If you have any questions email me at

See you on Wednesday morning! And hopefully on Saturday, too!