I try to live with no regrets.  My past mistakes have made me into the person I am today, and the person I'm still working on!  Although, I would like to take back kissing some dorky guy in the R Bar 20 some years ago.  Still makes me cringe! 

According to a survey, these are the biggest regrets people over age 50 have about their lives. Maybe the rest of us can use it as a heads-up .

#1.) 91% wish they'd traveled more.

#2.) 72% regret their career choice. (--People could choose more than one thing.)

#3.) 64% would like to take back some bad relationship choices.

#4.) 55% wish they'd taken better care of their bodies.

#5.) 53% are sorry they lost touch with friends.

#6.) 46% wish they'd been more careful with their money.

#7.) 27% regret having children too early.

#8.) 25% think they worried about things too much.

#9.) 19% wish they'd been more of a "yes" person.

#10.) 8% regret having children too late.