Today (April 15th) would normally be the deadline for Americans to file their federal tax returns, but everyone has three extra days this year because Washington, D.C., is observing Emancipation Day. The filing deadline has been extended until midnight on Monday (April 18th). Emancipation Day marks when President Abraham Lincoln signed a law in 1862 ending slavery in the District of Columbia, more than eight months before he signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

Meanwhile, A new poll shows that 54 percent of Americans believe their tax bills are either somewhat fair or very fair, compared with 46 percent who say they are unfair. Among the public, 62 percent say they favor cutting government services to sop up the deficit. Just 29 percent say raise taxes. The young and the old -- adults under 30 and seniors 65 and above -- were much more likely to say their taxes were fair than those in their prime earning years. Surprisingly, there was little difference in the perception of fairness across income levels.

What do you think about your taxes?