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First-Person Tornado Videos From Joplin, MO [GRAPHIC LANGUAGE]
Colleen and I talked about the horrible tornado that swept through Joplin, Missouri on Sunday night.  I used to live and work there and still have many friends in that area.  I'm still waiting to hear that a couple of them are safe and alright.  These video's are very graphi…
Limo For Lunch Winners JCCS Acounting!
Congrats to JCCS Accounting in Bozeman our latest Limo For Lunch winners!  We picked them up in a Classic Limo, Montana's Elite Transportation Company, then headed for lunch at John Bozeman's Bistro in Downtown Bozeman! YUM and FUN! (:0

Shackleford wins Preakness
Did anyone even watch The Preakness Race on Saturday?  Shackleford was the winner after starting in gate number 5.  Yahoo SPORTS has all the info about the race.
This just in: Doomsday is doomed. And the world is still here – CNN
6:00pm Bozeman time came and went last evening.  Didn't feel anything.  It was supposed to be Judgement Day, the Day of Rapture, as predicted by apocalyptic Christian broadcaster Harold Camping, but I guess not.  I read that at 6pm local time around the globe, it was to happen.  Lori and I decided t…
American Idol Finalist – Scotty and Lauren!
Wow!  For the first time in American Idol history, there are TWO in the final that are country artists!  Who would have ever predicted this for the final AI on Fox next week! CHECK OUT THE AMERICAN IDOL site for videos and bio's of all the Idols this season...

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