Women Gain Weight After Marriage – Men After Divorce
Do you agree with this?
U.S. researchers believe women stop taking care of themselves to look after their husbands when they get married.
Married men, however, stay relatively trim. That is, until they divorce -- then their weight balloons as they struggle to fend for themselves...
Women, Compare Your Body
A new website shows how your body compares to those of other women.
My Body Gallery is a searchable database full of user-uploaded photos, tagged with their self-described height, weight, body type, pant size and shirt size.
You put in your stats and get to see women with the same ones...
Lessons From A Woman Mechanic
By: Nick Yapp Collection: Hulton Archive
I don't know about you, but I get sick of the runaround from car mechanics.  Here are some tips, from one female to another!!  ~Erin
In a bad economy, people tend to fix their cars rather than buy new ones. And while industry experts say that nearly 80 perce…
Womens’ Status Symbols
A beautiful house is the ultimate status symbol for women, beating out a fancy degree, designer clothes or a hot car.
Forty-one percent of women favored a beautiful house, while 26 percent said that a successful husband or boyfriend would be the ultimate status symbol...
American Women Love Their Breasts
I've never been a big fan of mine.  If I had to pick my best body part, I guess it would by my arms.  They are usually on the thin side and somewhat toned.
But, according to a new study published by Daily Mail, American women find their breasts to be their favorite body part...
Women Overpack By 26 Items
I don't see a problem with this...at all.
The average woman overpacks her vacation suitcase by 26 items.
According to Daily Mail, a new study found that a woman needs an average 34 items of clothing for a week-long break but packs 60 'just in case', which means almost half of the con…
Women Lose Their Confidence at 46
I have a few more years!!!
Even Courtney Cox, who is 47, and looks pretty darned good, said that her mid 40's are a difficult time.  She's not alone.
According to Daily Mail, researchers found that age 46 is the point when a woman's confidence drops and she begins to feel uncomfort…
Who’s The Boss?
Even back in prehistoric times, the female of the species was the boss. A new study I found in Daily Mail shows evidence of 'alpha cavewomen' roaming the plains and calling the shots while the menfolk slobbed at home.
My first question, is how could scientists  possibly know this...