Handy Chart to Help You Pair Wine With Food
Are you stumped when it comes to pairing a good wine with a carefully prepared meal? Worry no longer with this cleverly designed food pairing chart from It will help you make expert decisions like pairing a Merlot with chicken, Champagne with hard cheese and fish, and Pinot Grigio wit…
Red Wine May Have Similar Health Benefits As Exercise
HA!  Finally some good news about ways to be healthy - pass the wine!!!  ~Erin
If you’ve been knocking yourself out at the gym lately, you may not want to read this.
A new study suggests that knocking back a glass of red wine could have similar health benefits to that of work…
Wine Is Fine…Even If It’s Not Expensive!
Spending more than $8 on a bottle of wine is a waste of time, researchers say. According to a study, most people cannot tell the difference between the cheapest supermarket variety and quality wines that cost up to $50...
10 Vices You SHOULD Have!
Don't toss out the leftover Valentine's Day chocolates just yet.
Vices that are good for you?  Hooray!
These are a few of my favorite things!
Good Vices