An Airline Is Now Charging People by Weight
I can't even imagine how embarrassing this would be.  To have someone look me up and down and then charge me more to get on the plane depending on how much I weigh.   Unless they ask me to get on the scale with my luggage, they're getting the wrong weight, because I lie about it.
LeAnn Rimes Defends Her Weight…Again
LeeAnn Rimes is at it again.  Posting pictures on her Twitter account of herself in a bikini.   After critics made their comments, the singer took to her blog to defend her skinny frame -- once again.
She said, 'I hope that any girl, boy, woman, or man reading this will think befo…
Colleen At The Ridge: Getting Started
I did not have the best year last year, which I've been pretty open about!  I ended up getting a hysterectomy and in the process gained approximately 25 pounds before and after the surgery.  I am pretty lucky, and I thank those before me, that I don't gain much weight, and I can …
Fudge Is Good Food?
My wife Lori is a baking fool this time of year.  Pies, pies, pies, oh and FUDGE!  I don't eat the fudge.  Have never been a fudge eater.  Just too sweet for me.   So I brought a plate of fudge into the XL studio for Colleen to have a piece or two this morning and …