Cooler Weather Next Week In Montana
The National Weather Service that temperatures will be much cooler next week.
This is what the NWS in Great Falls posted on Facebook earlier today.
That's right! Next week temperatures will be about 20 degrees cooler. Fall is on the way...
Beware of the Snownado in Montana
Okay, maybe there isn't such a thing as a snownado, but if it was a real thing, I'm pretty sure we'd have one in Montana. Last night, Big Sky and Bridger Bowl got snow, and it's JULY!!! Maybe this is normal in Montana, but it's a first for me...
6 Things To Keep In Your Car During Winter
With winter in full effect, are you prepared if your car breaks down or goes off road? Here are five things you should always have in your car:

Extra winter clothing: Hats, Gloves, Scarfs etc.
Food and Water
First Aid Kit
Jumper Cables

Another helpful tip, make sure your cell phone is fully…

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