Paragliding in Bozeman [WATCH]
Have you ever done something that really scared you just for the thrill of it? Paragliding is definitely one of those things. It's sort of like skydiving. Why would anyone want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?
I've seen quite a few people paragliding in the morning near the &qu…
Maple Fire In Yellowstone [VIDEO]
Chris Kamman from Skylab Media House shot some video of the Maple fire near West Yellowstone. The video is pretty awesome. Chris did a great job of capturing the fire's destruction.
Dave Has Left The Building [WATCH]
Dave from the XL Morning Show is hittin' the road and going on vacation.
Dave works hard every day to make sure that 100.7 XL Country is the best station it can possibly be. He's kind of a perfectionist, and wants to make sure that XL Nation always hears their favorite songs when they tune …
Cattle Auctioneer Turned Rap God [WATCH]
Cattle Auctions are a fairly common sight around Montana, especially since there are more cows than there are people in the state.
I was watching videos on YouTube today when I stumbled upon a video of cattle auctioneers. Someone had put a rap beat behind a bunch of different cattle auctioneers,…
Why Doesn’t Dave Wear Normal Headphones? [WATCH]
One of the things I've noticed since I started working for XL Country is that Dave Wooten from the XL Morning Show doesn't wear normal headphones. In an exclusive interview with Mr. Wooten himself, I finally got to the bottom of the issue.
Watch the video below to find out why Dave doesn&ap…
Meet Galena: My Pet-Child [WATCH]
I've noticed that there are a lot of dog lovers around Bozeman. I can definitely add myself to that list. I have a black lab named Galena and yesterday she made a new friend. Back in Boise, both of my roommates had dogs, so Galena always had other dogs to play with...
Moose on the Loose in the XL Country Studios
Today, Amy from the XL Morning show talked me into putting on the head of a moose costume, and scaring our HR lady here in the office. Since, I'm a push over and easily influenced, I decided to do it. It was a bad idea. The HR lady was not pleased and for some reason didn't find it as funn…

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