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Tim Tebow is Now a New England Patriot
I know it's hard to believe but it is reportedly true. The word is that Tim Tebow has been signed by the three time Super Bowl champs the New England Patriots. Tebow was a free agent after being released by the New York Jets after the 2012- 2013 Season. What does this mean for Tom Brady? Will T…
Tim Tebow Of The Denver Broncos Is Coming To Montana
The miracle kid has taken the country by storm with his unconventional quarter back playing style that has gotten his Denver Broncos to the second round of the NFL Playoffs. It’s also Tim Tebow’s outspoken Christianity that has gained himself notoriety. Tim Tebow is p…
Mayor of Pittsburgh Loses Bet and Is Forced To Tebow [VIDEO]
Tebow looks to be infiltrating politics not just end zones. In a bet this past weekend, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl lost to Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and thus had to dawn a Tebow #15 jersey and Tebow. Soon to be added to the Webster's dictionary. See the video here.
Broncos Fans Eager To Start ‘Tim Tebow Era’
It only took four quarters and one lackluster performance from Broncos’ starting quarterback Kyle Orton for the Denver faithful to start up a ‘Tebow’ chant during Monday night’s 23-20 loss to the Raiders.
The Denver Post reports that Broncos’ fans have already had enough of Orton and the conservative…