Stabbing At Texas College – 14 Wounded
At least 14 people at Lone Star College's CyFair Campus were wounded today (Tuesday) in a mass stabbing incident.  Early reports are saying the suspect stabbed the victims with an X-Acto knife.  The school was put on lockdown, and the suspect has been apprehended...
School Shooting In Houston, Texas [Update]
UPDATE:1:20 pm 1/22/13:  Authorities in Texas say three people have been wounded in a shooting at a Houston-area community college.
Harris County Sheriff's Maj. Armando Tello says three people had been wounded and a person of interest has been detained.
The shooting took place Tuesday at the Lone Star…
‘Dallas’ 2011: Miss Ellie Dead, Bobby Remarried
Were you one of the MANY who watched Dallas in the 70s/80s and early 90s?  Well guess what...it's probably coming back in February! With some of the original cast too!
'Dallas' 2011: Miss Ellie Dead, Bobby Remarried - Yahoo! TV Blog.