st. jude 2013

$117,076 Is Headed To St. Jude Thanks To YOU!
This years St. Jude radiothon was absolutely the best I've ever seen.  Over the past few years we have done pretty good, but we had a goal we wanted to reach... Making it past that $100 K mark.  And This year we did it thanks to S.W. Montana!
Rocky Mountain Stucco Is Shaving Heads For St. Jude! [Video]
Bryan Barnhart and the other amazing guys at Rocky Mountain Stucco have been apart of the St. Jude Radiothon for years.  These are some hard working, tough looking guys that shave their heads in honor of the kids at St. Jude.  A few of them even have a St. Jude logo tattooed on their heads…
Old Chicago Is Constantly Helping Out In The Community
Our locally owned Old Chicago is helping out in our community more than you might realize.  And this year they are again helping the kids of St. Jude.  As one of the sponsors for the radiothon this year Old Chicago has said they are going to help end childhood cancer.
‘Your Child Has Cancer’— What Would You Do?
With St. Jude a little over a week away we are looking forward to an amazing couple of days here at XL.  Some say it's hard to listen... It's hard to tune in and hear all the sad stories.  Well, that's why we do it, why we work so hard to help raise as much money as possible…