Montana Mountains Get Snow Over The Weekend
Cooler weather over Labor Day weekend resulted in some of Montana's mountains receiving snow. Better unpack the winter coats!
Showdown Montana in the Little Belt Mountains reportedly received over 10 inches of snow. The Beartooth Pass is closed from Long Lake at the base of the pass to the Wyomi…
Beware of the Snownado in Montana
Okay, maybe there isn't such a thing as a snownado, but if it was a real thing, I'm pretty sure we'd have one in Montana. Last night, Big Sky and Bridger Bowl got snow, and it's JULY!!! Maybe this is normal in Montana, but it's a first for me...
Snow in Bozeman? Really? And More a Possibility
Rain was predicted for the Gallatin Valley today, but we ended up with snow. And more is a possibility. The local mountains are expected to see up to 5 inches out of this storm, which should be moving out of the area on Wednesday.

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