‘SNL’ and Will Ferrell Resurrect the Legendary Bill Brasky
Here's the weird thing about recurring 'SNL' characters and sketches: you may get tired or annoyed by them at the time, but ten years later, you'll just be longing for them. We didn't know how much we were missing the "Bill Brasky" sketches until last night, when the show brought the chara…
SNL Audition Recaps Will Give you Confidence For Your Next Interview
Saturday Night Live has become a workhorse for consistently delivering comedic talent over the decades. That being said, the road to landing a role on the show has never been an easy one. The next time you think your are nervous about a job interview, realize what these hopefuls had to go through to…
Is This SNL Skit Racist or Funny? [Poll]
SNL hasn't really been pushing the boundaries lately.  They always have a few edgy skits, but for the most part they play it safe.  Some people are calling this Starbucks skit racist.  Watch the skit for yourself and let us know what you think!
Lady Antebellum Scheduled to Perform on ‘SNL’ in October
They cleaned up at the last Grammys, have sold more than three million copies of their latest record, and are gearing up to release one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year. What’s next for Lady Antebellum?
Performing on the next season of ‘Saturday Night Live,&Clos…