Does This Make My Can Look Big
My wife, Lori and I went shopping today.  Hit THE Walmart, THE Costco, THE IGA, etc...made the rounds.  There's something going on with all retailers that I've know for some time now, but for some reason it hit me wrong today.
Free Rascal Flatts Or Toby Keith Guitars
Hurry and enter today! TODAY is the last day to enter!
It’s that time of year, when everyone’s favorite country artists get in the spirit of giving; giving way prizes!  To celebrate the release of their new album, Nothing Like This, Rascal Flatts are giving a…
Wind, Snow And Arctic Air
Looks like we'll be ringing in the HAPPY  NEW YEAR with bitterly cold temperatures by this coming weekend and fresh snowfall.  Good for skiers, not so much for travelers.  If you plan on hitting the highway for New Years, do so carefully!
Gifts Not To Buy This Holiday
I was very surprised, in fact, shocked when I began reading this article about what NOT to give for Christmas gifts.  I mean, c'mon, what's wrong with a little cheese, or a few flowers or for goodness sake...a gift card!
Last Minute Shopping? Like Me?
Okay, I MAY talk like I'm all finished with my Christmas shopping, but I always wait until the last minute to do some of it. Then I panic.  Then I search. Running from store to store.  Here are some ideas, if you are like me!
Scrapbook Scribbles 2: Beginning Basics
Last time, I talked about the beginning of “scrapbooks” and what they used to be like and how things have changed.
We see the scrapbooking shows on TV, and we see all of the magazines full of fancy lay-outs and expensive tools and we feel that creating scrapbooks has to be…
Cyber Monday: Best Deals
Today is the day!  And here are some of the best deals available today!  From TV's to clothing to smartphones!  This is THE link you need to shop and save on Cyber Monday!  See ya there!
cyber-monday-best-deals: Personal Finance News from Yahoo...
Six Things To Buy AFTER Christmas
So you think the best sales are going on now?  Just wait until AFTER Christmas.  That's when the really low prices happen, when retailers are trying to clear their shelves of stock to make room for new 2011 goods!  Plus, what about some items that you really should wait until aft…
Cyber Monday for Deals & Coupons
So you didn't get enough shopping done on Black Friday?  Monday is CYBER MONDAY when we spend more time online shopping than we actually do working.  And with smartphones, we don't even need a computer to accomplish this anymore!  Will you be taking a few minutes here and th…
Scrapbook Scribbles: Welcome
Welcome to Scrapbook Scribbles
Welcome to my little blog about scrapbooking, or paper crafts, or even just crafts altogether.  I’m Tom Jordan’s wife, Lori, and he thought that little tidbits about this popular subject might be interesting to you.

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