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Princess Beatrice’s Hat Tops $30,000 on eBay
Princess Beatrice made headlines when she wore an odd-looking - and oddly captivating - Philip Treacy hat to the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in April.
Now, the hat is making some headlines of its own. According to PEOPLE, the hat, which was recently put up for charity on eBay, …
Fancy Teeth, For The Royal Wedding
I wasn't even this excited about my OWN wedding!
A plumber in Bristol, England loves the royal family so much that had temporary artwork of the royal couple added to his two front teeth. 29-year-old Barmy Baz Franks had to spend six hours with a cosmetic dental surgeon to have the &quo…
Time 100 List Includes Oprah, Prince William
I think it's weird to see Justin Bieber's name along with Oprah, Re. Gabrielle Giffords & The President - but that's exactly where Time Magazine put him!  Do you think he should be on the list?  Is there anyone missing that you think should be on it?