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Is HDTV Really What I Need?
I am still living in the world of 32" regular tv.  No big screen, no wide screen, no hdtv.  Pretty darn good computer set up, but not a great tv set up.  I look each time we go shopping, at
American Idol Winner Already Picked
So who is this Scott McCreery anyway?  Tom & Colleen played a clip of his singing from the AI auditions on Wednesday night.  He is pretty dang good that's for sure!  I do believe that American will.
Ralphie From ‘A Christmas Story,’ All Grown Up
"You'll shoot your eye out kid"...this is one of my all time favorite movies!  I made my three boys watch this with me every Christmas.  Back then it was on several tv channels during the holiday season.  We'd be switching channels and BOOM, there it was.&n…
SNL: Funny Stuff Or Not?
I haven't watched Saturday Night Live for many many years.  I used to watch the show every week.  Never missed it in the beginning.  Back in the day, me and my buddies would get together on Saturday nights, go have some cocktails somewhere,
‘Dallas’ 2011: Miss Ellie Dead, Bobby Remarried
Were you one of the MANY who watched Dallas in the 70s/80s and early 90s?  Well guess's probably coming back in February! With some of the original cast too!
'Dallas' 2011: Miss Ellie Dead, Bobby Remarried - Yahoo! TV Blog.
XL Geek Squeak Of The Week – TVs
I would like to share my experience with buying my first HD TV.
When speaking in terms of HD, the most common and well known phrases are 720p and 1080p.