Efforts Grow To Integrate Internet Into TV
Do you have this in your house yet?  Heck do you even have a huge wide screen, flat screen, everything screen tv?  It won't be long, and it is truly going to be where everything in your house operates from the main tv!
What Is Perfect Toast?
If there ever was such a thing...toast is toast, right?  Wrong!  Here I sit being educated once again by the internet.  I thought toast was, uh, toast.  Doesn't matter what kind of bread...if something goes into a toaster, it comes out toast!  Personally I love toast.&n…
Costco or Amazon?
I buy a few things online, but Costco is still by far the best for me!  I love Costco.  Of course the huge deals you can get are super!  And the dogs & drink for a buck and a half...
7 Worst Supermarket Rip-Offs
What do you buy at the grocery store?  Anything on this list that you use?  Some eye opening items here.  Especially the cereal! And bags of chips that seem to only have a few chips in them?  What's up with that?  Check this out!
The Unseen Taxes That You Pay Every Day
So the old joke says that nothing is certain in life but death and taxes.  It seems like taxes continue to go up and up, no matter who "promises" they won't in Washington, right? We pay tax on darn near everything... I found this story to help illustrate how the tax burde…
Is It Windy Yet?
HIGH WIND WARNING in effect today for SW Montana.  What's the most windy time you can remember without being in a storm like a tornado?  I remember one night in Reno several years ago.  We were going to a Christmas party.  Staying the night in a hotel, way up on one of the higher floors.  We had a g…
Tax Time – Are You Ready
Have you filed your income taxes yet? Getting anything back or do you have to pay?  I'm split in two again.  Not only federal, but this year I have to file Montana AND California state income tax! UGH!
Interesting President Facts About The High Office
So how much do you really know about the President of the United States?  Not just about the office but about the individual men who have held the office.  If you're looking to impress your friends some night as you're sitting having a few cocktails, try some of these:

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