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Actor Nicolas Cage arrested in New Orleans
Are  you a fan of Actor Nicolas Cage?  He was arrested after he got drunk in the city's French Quarter and argued in the street with his wife over whether a house they were in front of was theirs, police said Saturday.  Check out the rest of the story here:
Seven Celebrities Who Cheated on Their Taxes
With tax day just around the corner, the IRS is readying itself to spot this year's round of tax evaders. Given the lack of impulse control and sense of entitlement among the celebrity set (we're looking at you, Charlie Sheen), it should be no surprise that the famous and the powerful are among the …
Just Hitting Theaters
Season of the Witch - Nicolas Cage stars in this movie where he and a fellow soldier must transport a powerful witch to a remote monastery and avoid all the perils that lie before them. Will they make it or will the world be destroyed? I doubt the world will be desrtroyed because then Nicolas Cage w…