Money Or Happiness
It's an age old question, would you rather be rich or happy?
I want both!  That being said, seriously, I would choose happiness.  I did choose happiness, I passed up a couple high paying jobs to come here and start my family.
According to the Daily Mail, more than 2500 people were asked…
Scrapbook Scribbles 18 – Check Your Sewing Basket
I inherited my grandma's sewing “basket”.  It’s really an oval quilted covered box with two corded handles and a removable top tray and a bunch of tiny compartments.  My mom has one just like it, only in a different color.  When I was y…
Scrapbook Scribbles 16 – How Many Pictures
One? Twelve? Twenty?  How many pictures should you use on your layout?  The rule is: there are no rules!  Really!  You just need to decide what is right for the story you want to tell.
In this age of digital cameras, we are no longer limited to the amount of photos that we can tak…
Scrapbook Scribbles 15 – Cards
Do you love sending and receiving cards?  Do you enjoy them even more if they are handmade and have cute little do-dads on them?? Do you get turned off by the high cost of store bought cards?  You can make adorable free cards just by using your scrapbooking scraps and supplies...
Scrapbook Scribbles 12 – Texture
We all love the sense of touch.  When we see something, we want to touch it.  We want to feel if it is hard or soft, rough or smooth.
By adding texture to our layouts, it makes people connect with it.  They will want to feel the textured items you’ve attached to your la…
Is HDTV Really What I Need?
I am still living in the world of 32" regular tv.  No big screen, no wide screen, no hdtv.  Pretty darn good computer set up, but not a great tv set up.  I look each time we go shopping, at
Scrapbook Scribbles 9: Beads & Wire, Not Just for Jewelry
Embellishing our scrapbook pages, or even cards for that matter, seems to make our art all that much more special.  It adds the extra zing that makes our creation stand out.
There are numerous items that we use for embellishments. Some items that are quite popular these days are jewelry making s…

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