Bartending 101
I had one of those rare nights out last night.  I was with two of "my girls," Lori and Melissa at a bartending class.
I get up at 4:30 a.m., Monday through Friday.  Now that school has started, I make sure we have dinner at the table every night at 6...
Moms Judging Moms
Nine in ten women are critical of other mothers on almost every aspect of their parenting.
A study found 88 percent of women can't stop themselves looking down on others who do not do things 'their way'.
The biggest cause of judgment was poorly behaved children, which 66% of mothers…
Women Turn Into Mom at 32
I am afraid this is true!
Women think that they 'turn into their mother' at age 32. Researchers polled 1,000 adults and found that the early thirties is the time when women begin to take on their mom's particular habits, phrases and behaviors, according to the Daily Mail...