Women Are Better At Parking Than Men
I'm really not trying to start a war!  Last week, it was women are smarter than men.  This week, it's women can park better than men! It was so lopsided the other way for so long...I guess this is fair!
Men Are Better Grocery Shoppers – Agree?
I remember I loved it when my dad went grocery shopping.  He bought all the junk food my mom wouldn't.  He would come home sometimes with a little brown bag full of candy bars.  My husband, Mike does the same thing.  I think it's because they only go once in a while...
How To Meet Men – Avalaunch
I have a sweet friend, in her 20's.  She is beautiful, funny, athletic and kind.  She's also single, and wondering where is a good place to meet some quality men.
We live in what my sister likes to call "Mantana."  We have some handsome men in our area, but …
Most Women Change Their Man’s Appearance
Researchers found millions of women have altered their man's hair, weight, lifestyle or eating habits.
Also, according to Daily Mail, Others have made dress sense their first priority.
I have given my husband, Mike, a few style "tips...
Men Eat More Around Women
Not surprisingly, women eat less when they're around men, presumably due to social conventions.
Researchers have also discovered however, that when men eat with women, they tend to load up their plates with more calories than they'd eat down around other men...

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