Marines Standing Guard At Schools
Marines have stood as guards at some of the most hostile places around the world.  There are even stories of Marines guarding the gates of heaven.  A few Marines around the United States have taken on a new guard duty.  They are standing guard at elementry schools.
Marines Drink Cobra Blood in Training Exercise
The Armed Forces will do anything to give our fighting men and women an edge. Apparently, that includes some training exercises that would be right at home on ‘Fear Factor.‘
During the joint drill ‘Cobra Gold,’ which takes place annually in Thailand with our Asian allies, Marines from the 1st Battali…
Something To Be Thankful For
Throughout the  many turkey days in my life, my family has never had everyone go around the table and say what they are thankful for.  I'm not sure why exactly, it just never became a tradition.  As I get older ( I know I'm only 26) I start thinking …