I Love Decorating For Christmas
It must be a girl thing.  Every year at this time I can’t wait to get my house all decorated in everything Christmas!  The only thing left on the list is the tree, and the only reason that is left is because I believe in Christmas tree hunting in the woods, and that take…
Red Wine May Have Similar Health Benefits As Exercise
HA!  Finally some good news about ways to be healthy - pass the wine!!!  ~Erin
If you’ve been knocking yourself out at the gym lately, you may not want to read this.
A new study suggests that knocking back a glass of red wine could have similar health benefits to that of work…
The Art Of Being On Time
I was talking the other day to my physical therapist about being on time.  I see him three times a week and he is NEVER late to start my appointment.  Never.  I was telling him how great it was because I see him during my work day, and it's important to me to get back in a timely fashion.  He sa…
Garage Sale Today!!
GET OUT OF BED!  It's time for the SUPER GARAGE SALE!  Get up and get down to the Gallatin County Fairgrounds, NOW!  Don't drive around weekend after weekend looking for that couch, dresser, houseware item ect...that you of course can not live without...
Flower Pots – Day 1!
Usually each year my mom comes out in May and one of the things we always do is plant flowers for the summer.  She is a green thumb, me - not so much!  This year she came early, so I was on my own!  YIKES!  A big thanks to Bernie at Kenyon Noble for all his helpful advice!  I got all of my flowers, …
How Long Does Food Last?
I looked these up recently, and here's what I found!
Keep these use-by dates in mind when stocking your kitchen.
Bread 5–7 days
Cereal 1 year
Earth Day Deals
Tomorrow is Earth Day and some stores are offering FREE STUFF!!!  YEAH!
To celebrate Earth Day, many businesses are offering consumers free stuff, good deals, and chances to win valuable prizes. Here is just a sampling of what’s available. Check the websites and Facebook pages …
Bridal Walk Is TODAY!
Are you soon to be married?  The Bridal walk is TODAY in downtown Bozeman!  Make sure you start your day at the Baxter to get your goodie bag and Bridal Walk Map!
Whats On Sale This Month – Peas
Over the past year I have made a real effort into learning how to eat healthy.  I got points straight out the gate because I don’t each much fast food – but I new/know NOTHING about healthy eating.  One easy thing I found to change was buying real vs...
12 Genius Health Discoveries
More spa, more fun – I am in!!!
Cutting-Edge Health Tips
Your doctor no doubt has plenty of great tips and advice on living a healthier, happier life. But much of his wisdom actually comes from the research results of veteran laboratory scientists and researchers. So why not cut out the middleman (…
What You Should Be Adding To Your Workout
I work out a fair amount, but I never lift weights!  Do you?  Looks like we should be!
Just because you’re not vying for 20-inch biceps or thunderously strong thighs like the muscle heads in the gym doesn’t mean you should shun the weight room. Lifting weights gives you an edge over belly fat, str…

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