Scrapbook Scribbles 12 – Texture
We all love the sense of touch.  When we see something, we want to touch it.  We want to feel if it is hard or soft, rough or smooth.
By adding texture to our layouts, it makes people connect with it.  They will want to feel the textured items you’ve attached to your la…
What Is Perfect Toast?
If there ever was such a thing...toast is toast, right?  Wrong!  Here I sit being educated once again by the internet.  I thought toast was, uh, toast.  Doesn't matter what kind of bread...if something goes into a toaster, it comes out toast!  Personally I love toast.&n…
Time to Spring Ahead: Daylight Saving Time
Move your clocks an hour ahead at 2AM Sunday and change smoke detector batteries!  Well at least set them ahead before you go to bed...Lori said I really don't have to get up at 2am to do this...:)  Here are a BUNCH of facts about Daylight Savings Time:
How To Save On Gas As Prices At The Pump Climb
Have you noticed the climb in gas prices the past couple of weeks?  It's going up so fast that even government reports can't keep up with it.  This morning Colleen and I gave you info on how NOT to save are some ways TO SAVE...
The AAA fuel gauge report is a great source to check.
Here are …
7 Worst Supermarket Rip-Offs
What do you buy at the grocery store?  Anything on this list that you use?  Some eye opening items here.  Especially the cereal! And bags of chips that seem to only have a few chips in them?  What's up with that?  Check this out!
Scrapbook Scribbles 11 – The Power of Three
The rule of thirds is a basic design principal.  Photographers use this rule to divide a rectangular space into thirds both horizontally and vertically.  This creates nine smaller rectangles and four points where the lines intersect.  The elements of your design that are most importan…
The Unseen Taxes That You Pay Every Day
So the old joke says that nothing is certain in life but death and taxes.  It seems like taxes continue to go up and up, no matter who "promises" they won't in Washington, right? We pay tax on darn near everything... I found this story to help illustrate how the tax burde…
Tax Time – Are You Ready
Have you filed your income taxes yet? Getting anything back or do you have to pay?  I'm split in two again.  Not only federal, but this year I have to file Montana AND California state income tax! UGH!

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