4-H Summer Camp: Sign up TODAY
You have GOT to check this out! Our registration deadline (with no late fee) is TODAY!. I honestly wish I was a 9-13 year old, because this camp is going to be fun. At least I work with 4-H so I get to go...How luck am I? Read on for vital 4-H Summer Camp information.
Kids – Mommy Memos
I love spending time with my kids.  I think they are funny and smart and wonderful (proud Mama).  That being said, I have had a bit of a challenging week   Yes, I know it's only Tuesday.  My oldest, Emma, washed a load of clothes in bleach...
I admit, I am not great at computers.  I can shop like a maniac, send and receive emails, and blog, but that's about it.  The other day, I sent the Grandparents a video of my middle child, Gracie, learning how to ride a bike.  I was so proud of myself that I popped open a bott…
Want A Happy Marriage?
According to new research out of Scotland, if you want a happy marriage, have children.  Researchers say the more kids, the merrier the marriage!  However, they say that this only works for married couples.  They say Couples who aren't married, even if they are in a committed rel…
Cute Kids Getting Scared of the Easter Bunny [VIDEOS]
While the Easter bunny is generally well-regarded for its fluffy belly, alert ears and too-cute buck teeth, some humans just aren't so fond of the creature. We're talking about young kiddos who -- when faced with the giant creature every Easter holiday -- erupt into a fountain of tears, traumatic sc…
Scrapbook Scribbles 13 – To Pose or Not to Pose
To Pose or Not to Pose?  That IS the question.
Undoubtedly, our photos are the centerpiece of our scrapbook pages.  When we are the photographer we more than likely have scrapbooking always on our mind, and we have to consider if we want our subjects posed or not...
The Puppy Bowl Returns!
Get ready for the 7th Annual Puppy Bowl!  Animal Planet will feature puppies again for you if you're not into football on Sunday.  Check it out here:
Zac Brown, Wife Shelly Welcome Fourth Daughter
Zac and his wife Shelly are now the proud parents of a fourth daughter! The couple welcomed Joni Mason Brown, weighing 7 pounds, 14 ounces, into the family the morning of February 2. She was born at the couple's Atlanta-area home.
Is HDTV Really What I Need?
I am still living in the world of 32" regular tv.  No big screen, no wide screen, no hdtv.  Pretty darn good computer set up, but not a great tv set up.  I look each time we go shopping, at

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