Kids And Homework
I think it's crazy how much homework kids are given.  I understand the importance of homework if a child doesn't finish an assignment in class, or if a teacher gives a small amount of homework to teach the responsibility of taking something home, working on it, and returning it...
Controversial T-Shirt Pulled Off The Market
JC Penny is usually a safe bet for clothes for kids – however recently this T Shirt was put on the shelves.  After parents complained, they decided to pull it.  What do you think?  Are these shirts going to far? ~Erin
A few months ago, the Internet was up in arms over a white David & Goliath …
Should Toddlers Have TV’s?
Lots of kids have televisions in their bedrooms, but should toddlers have them too?
A blogger writes that her toddler does, and she makes no apology for it, stating, "Kids love TV and parents love that kids love TV." The blogger writes that while the TV is in her toddler's ro…
Facebook Launches ‘Expected Child’ Feature
Facebook has quietly launched a new feature allowing you announce and document your pregnancy.
There's a new "expected child" field, in which users can announce their due date and chosen name without creating a separate page for the unborn child...
Hottest Baby Names of 2011
Naming a baby is stressful, I think.  Trying to come up with a name that you can both agree on that your kid won't hate you for.
According to, these are the most popular baby names for 2011.  Do you like to go with a popular name, classic name, or something else...
5 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids During Summer Vacation
Kids lazing around the house doing all summer long? Not this year. There's a whole world of activities out there. Sure, some of it might not be air conditioned but that's a small risk to take for summer fun.
Organize a Party
The summer can be a great time to bring out your child's inner…

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