Cell Phone Debate – How Young Is Too Young?
I did it.  I got Emma a cell phone for her 10th birthday.  It's a basic phone that only calls and texts, and it comes with a ton of rules.
She can't take it to school.  She can't use it after 8pm.  She can't have it at the dinner table...
Spending Time Outside Could Actually Protect Kids’ Sight
A new review of previous research indicates that there could be a correlation between the amount of time children spend outside and nearsightedness.
Researchers analyzed the results of eight different studies, involving more than 10,000 participants, and found that children who are nearsighted spend …
95% Of Parents Have A Favorite Child
A new book claims that 95 percent of parents have a favorite child.
In The Sibling Effect, Jeffrey Kluger wrote, "It is my belief that 95 percent of the parents in the world have a favorite child, and the other five percent are lying...
Be a CAP Mentor In Bozeman!
CAP is currently recruiting volunteers to work one-on-one with students in the Bozeman Public Schools. In just one hour a week, you can help kids succeed, support Bozeman Schools and give back to our community.
Kids And Homework
I think it's crazy how much homework kids are given.  I understand the importance of homework if a child doesn't finish an assignment in class, or if a teacher gives a small amount of homework to teach the responsibility of taking something home, working on it, and returning it...
Controversial T-Shirt Pulled Off The Market
JC Penny is usually a safe bet for clothes for kids – however recently this T Shirt was put on the shelves.  After parents complained, they decided to pull it.  What do you think?  Are these shirts going to far? ~Erin
A few months ago, the Internet was up in arms over a white David & Goliath …

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