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Justin Moore Shares His Favorite Tailgating Traditions
Growing up, Justin Moore took his country music concert-going experiences very seriously. Of course when he became old enough to drink in the parking lot before shows he found his commitment was challenged, but he always remembered why he was there.
Was Ashton Kutcher Mocking Country Music?
Sunday night, on the ACM Awards, Ashton Kutcher presented the award for Female Vocalist Of The Year To Miranda Lambert.
He was dressed in over the top country clothing, and "sang" "I Cross My Heart," by George Strait.
As it turns out, a couple of country music'…
Justin Moore Despises ‘American Idol’
Country singer Justin Moore cops to watching plenty of NASCAR and ESPN, as well as hunting and fishing shows while camped out on his tour bus when on the road. One show you won’t catch him glued in front of the tube for is ‘American Idol.’ ...

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