Play Solitaire With Dustin Lynch
You know you've made it when you have your own app on iTunes.
Dustin Lynch just launched his very own Solitaire app. In a world where technology is at the forefront, country stars have been stepping up their game. Dierks Bentley has his own emoji keyboard, and now you can play "Dustin L…
Supposedly Your iPhone 5 is Bendable [PHOTO]
I was browsing my Google+ news feed and a post came up with a warning reading:
I don't own an iPhone 5 but I immediately became interested in this strange disclaimer.
Apple Loses Another iPhone Prototype in a Bar
In a replay from an incident last year, another Apple employee lost another iPhone prototype in yet another Bay Area bar. If this keeps up, they’re going to start surgically implanting new phones into developers’ arms.
Most Common iPhone Passcodes
I don't have an iPhone yet.  Am I bitter?  No, I love my broken, piece of crap Blackberry.  My contract is up in July, and then I will have one!  Here's some good information to have if you own an iPhone.
The blog Lifehacker posted on a review by iPhone developer Daniel…
Can A Wet Cellphone Be Saved?
Have you ever tried to save your phone after dropping it in water?  Here's an experiment - see what happens! ~Erin
To test them out, Becky took a BlackBerry, a Droid, and an iPhone, and dropped all three into room temperature water for 60 seconds. Then she went through the following ste…
Apple to ship new iPhone in September
Do you have an iPhone?  Android phone?  Or just a phone?  When Verizon got the iPhone we all thought the iPhone 5 would be out in June or at least early summer.  Not so.  From Yahoo Finance it now looks like it will be in September.  Which local service do you have...
Will Cameras Go Bye Bye
I used to carry my point and shoot Sony camera everywhere with me.  Now that I have a smartphone, never.  Just don't want to lug it around anymore.