Quick & Easy Ideas For Christmas Gifts They Can Use
It’s hard to know what to get people these days. I have a hard time organizing the stuff I have, so I like giving gifts that I hope won’t burden a person with what to do with it. Most of these gifts--when they’re gone, they’re gone.
Extra Patrols This Holiday Season
From Bozeman Police:
As Montanans celebrate this festive season with holiday parties and end-of-year celebrations, the Bozeman Police Department is increasing patrols through January 1, 2013 to deter impaired, unsafe driving and keep our community safe on Montana roads...
Christmas Recipes – Cookies, Snowballs, Brownies and More!
My mom sent this to me in an email.  I am usually pretty organized at Christmas.  Get the gifts bought and wrapped early, homemade Christmas goodies, and time to relax with the kids.
This year is different, and I am still not done shopping and wrapping.  NO homemade Christmas goodies.&…
December Is Most Stressful Month For Couples
This actually kind of surprises me.  My husband, Mike, and I seem to be getting along great this month!  I could see how this month could cause some stress, though.
Over the holidays, the combination of spending money you don't really have and hanging out with the in-laws can prove t…

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