Happy Presidents Day, Did You Know…
Let's have fun with Presidents!  After some careful research (actually fun surfing sites!), I have come up with this: 
A Presidential Fact Of The 44 Presidents Of The United States:
That Rose Means What?
Took me quite a while to figure this out.  I'm flower color dumb.  I just figured colors are colors, right? Wrong!
The Puppy Bowl Returns!
Get ready for the 7th Annual Puppy Bowl!  Animal Planet will feature puppies again for you if you're not into football on Sunday.  Check it out here:
Scrapbook Scribbles 10: Layout Subjects
When we look through scrapbooking magazines, we see tons of layouts of children, however; there are MANY other subjects for our pages.  Pages can be about anything, even an object, like your car or your camera.
Here is just a quick list of some ideas:
*  Pets
*  Vacations
*  Hobbies
*  Homes
*  Family rel…
An Appliance For Valentine’s Day
So what's really wrong with getting your wife an appliance for Valentine Day?  If it's something she has been asking for, is there a problem?  Candy gets old after a few years of giving it, right?  I'm stumped.  What to get...
Have You Ever Stumbled Upon A Treasure?
I have actually found a buck or two sometimes just walking in a parking lot.  I pick it up of course.  Even though it's only a buck, I look around quickly to see if anyone is nearby that might have dropped it.  Walking through parks I've found everything from backpacks to ba…

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