Hope & The Holidays Golf Scramble
Want to go golfing, and do it for a great cause?
The Hope & The Holidays Golf Scramble is approaching quickly! It's Friday, September 9th!
Here are the details
What:  6th Annual Golf Scramble
Why: To raise money to help Hope & The Holidays provide to needy families.
Greatest Golf Recovery Shot Ever [VIDEO]
Golf is a tricky game that will have you hating it and loving it within the same 10 minutes. This golfer managed to hit the ball in the opposite direction of the hole off a fence post and dang near makes the shot. I hope you never have to try this shot but if you do, do it like this guy.
Do’s And Don’ts Of Golfing With Your Husband
Golf season is here!  I don’t get out there as often as I would like with the job and three kids, but every once in a while, my husband, Mike and I hit the greens.   No, this isn't a picture of me with my husband, but I don't have one of us golfing together.
The 2011 Masters Championship
With four birdies on the last four holes, South African Charl Schwartzel captured one of the most exciting and wide-open Masters in the championship's storied 76-year history. Here were some of the sights this week at Augusta National Golf Club...
George Strait Buys a ‘Jewel’ of a Golf Resort
George Strait and some of his buddies have purchased a 'jewel' of a golf resort.  George loves the game of golf, and the place is called the Tapatio Springs Golf Resort and Conference Center.  It sits about 25 miles northwest of San Antonio, Texas.
The 9 Funniest Videos of People Getting Hit By Golf Balls
The Masters Golf Tournament tees off this Thursday, at its fabled Augusta National Golf Club home.
While Masters weekend is like Super Bowl Sunday for serious golf fans, there are still plenty of folks out there who harbor the perhaps misguided belief that golf is "boring."
So to kick off ou…