How To Take Care Of Your Lawn In The Fall [VIDEO]
It's surprising to learn how much stuff you're SUPPOSED to do in the Fall to keep your lawn healthy. It took me all year to get mine green after being neglected so I was more than eager to find out what I can do now to ensure a better lawn next Spring.
First Sunflower Of The Summer
As stated before, I know next to nothing about gardening but I continue on my quest to make what was a naked landscape 6 months ago into something that makes a person smile when they pull up.
Learn to Build a Raised Bed Garden!
MSU Extension has so many programs for youth and adults covering a vide variety of topics. I work with 4-H youth in Gallatin County, but receive emails about programs going on all over the state. Here is some information about the Master Gardener Program and a demonstration they will be having tomor…
Flower & Garden Show – Saturday!
One thing I have learned after being a home owner for a couple of years is that no one gives you an instruction manual when you move in.  I was lucky and got a beautiful home with a gorgeous yard.  The woman who lived there before me was a green thumb, and her love of gardening was evident the s…