Would You Let “The Situation” Hold Your Baby?
My answer would be NO WAY!  Dirty man – stay away from kids! Yuck!  Would you let him hold your baby?
Someone had a momentary lapse in judgment and let Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino hold their adorable little baby. Just the sound of it is enough to mak…
National Clutter Awareness Week — March 23-28
Do you have clutter?  Come on.  Be honest.  It's time to clear your clutter and help disaster victims. They've lost everything they own. You own a lot of stuff you don't use and it's cluttering up your home. Feng Shui Diva! Robyn Bentley (
National Cleaning Week — March 21-27
What really needs cleaning that you just don't want to clean it for some reason?  What's the dirtiest street in town?  87% of Woman's Day readers will do some sort of spring cleaning this year. When asked, "What's your most hated household chore?"
Are You A ‘Snacker’?
Are you a regular snacker or a binge snacker?  I like peanuts.  The ones surrounded by that M&M shell! :)
The snack food you crave can tell the world all about you.
Scrapbook Scribbles 12 – Texture
We all love the sense of touch.  When we see something, we want to touch it.  We want to feel if it is hard or soft, rough or smooth.
By adding texture to our layouts, it makes people connect with it.  They will want to feel the textured items you’ve attached to your la…
Today Is “As Young As You Feel Day” (March 22)
So how YOUNG do you feel?  I may be an old fart, but at least in my mind, I still 'feel' like I'm right about the mid least that's what my MIND says, my body on the other hand is telling me something totally different!
 To encourage people to stop acting their chronological age and do things…
Holy Bahamas Trip For Free!
Have you ever been?  Would you like to go?  Curb's Steve Holy is offering a chance to win a trip for two to the Bahamas in the "Steve Holy Flyaway" sweepstakes through March 28. The prize package includes roundtrip airfare to Paradise Island, two-night hotel accom…
12 Genius Health Discoveries
More spa, more fun – I am in!!!
Cutting-Edge Health Tips
Your doctor no doubt has plenty of great tips and advice on living a healthier, happier life. But much of his wisdom actually comes from the research results of veteran laboratory scientists and researchers. So why not cut out the middleman (…
A Sneak Peak At The New Charlie’s Angels
Charlie’s Angels are back!
Things look like they are heating up in Miami as filming begins on the television reboot of ‘Charlie’s Angels.’
Rachael Taylor, Minka Kelly and Annie Ilonzeh have stepped into the crime-fighting roles made iconic in the …

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