‘Country Dance’ Game Available TODAY for Nintendo Wii
GameMill Entertainment releases ‘Country Dance,’ a country music video game featuring a who’s who in Nashville, for Nintendo Wii TODAY (Apr 5th).
The game, showcasing more than 25 country hits, will be the first of its kind and is sure to be a hit with two-steppi…
Scrapbook Scribbles 14 – Framing
Don’t most photos look more finished off and classy with a frame around them?
With scrapbooking, you have so many choices of ways to frame your photos.  Here are a few ideas:
20 Songs About Fools | The 9513
The origins of April Fool’s Day are somewhat murky, with some historians dating its beginnings as far back as Chaucerian England. Wherever and whenever this holiday came from, one thing is certain: when it comes to fools, country music’s got ‘em covered. Foolish…

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