Ribbit Ribbit!
This past weekend we went and checked out the new frog display at the Museum of the Rockies!  I absolutely loved it and you have to check it out!
Thompson Square Tells All
We all have guilty pleasures, right?  There has to be something.  Eating chocolate, watching reality tv shows, whatever it is, it's okay to indulge a bit, now and then.  The new Nashville Duo Thompson Square has revealed some fun and interesting things about them!
Who Earns More Than The President?
President Barack Obama gets a nice little salary. Certainly some CEOs, entrepreneurs and movie stars are earning millions (and in some cases billions) of dollars, so he's by no means the richest person on the planet with his $400,000 annual salary. And he gets some pretty sweet perks -- a fancy plan…
Interesting President Facts About The High Office
So how much do you really know about the President of the United States?  Not just about the office but about the individual men who have held the office.  If you're looking to impress your friends some night as you're sitting having a few cocktails, try some of these:
Happy Presidents Day, Did You Know…
Let's have fun with Presidents!  After some careful research (actually fun surfing sites!), I have come up with this: 
A Presidential Fact Of The 44 Presidents Of The United States:
Andy Cohen Is Brilliant
Heidi Montag is on the top of  my list of "wish I would never hear from again celebrities".   And now she's trying to creep in on my favorite show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!  Thank you Andy Cohen for being brilliant!

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