Time to Spring Ahead: Daylight Saving Time
Move your clocks an hour ahead at 2AM Sunday and change smoke detector batteries!  Well at least set them ahead before you go to bed...Lori said I really don't have to get up at 2am to do this...:)  Here are a BUNCH of facts about Daylight Savings Time:
Eww Tom Brady
Let me just tell you something about me – I am NOT a Tom Brady fan.  I think he gets his hair done before football games and overall is just way to much of a girly man football player for my taste.   Here’s a perfect example in his newest picture released to t…
Scrapbook Scribbles 11 – The Power of Three
The rule of thirds is a basic design principal.  Photographers use this rule to divide a rectangular space into thirds both horizontally and vertically.  This creates nine smaller rectangles and four points where the lines intersect.  The elements of your design that are most importan…
Remember Early Kenny Chesney?
This is so cool!  Nice to remember this!
From  Cowboy hat — check.   Starched white shirt — check. Baby face full of charm — check. It’s all there in Kenny Chesney‘s 1993 video for ”Fall In Love,&Clo…
Want to Join Toby Keith on Tour?
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually go on tour with a country star?  Well now you can!
You could win a new Ford F-Series Truck, tour with Toby for a weekend - including exclusive backstage access - and have the use of your very own tour bus.  Here's how to enter to…

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