What Is Perfect Toast?
If there ever was such a thing...toast is toast, right?  Wrong!  Here I sit being educated once again by the internet.  I thought toast was, uh, toast.  Doesn't matter what kind of bread...if something goes into a toaster, it comes out toast!  Personally I love toast.&n…
Time to Spring Ahead: Daylight Saving Time
Move your clocks an hour ahead at 2AM Sunday and change smoke detector batteries!  Well at least set them ahead before you go to bed...Lori said I really don't have to get up at 2am to do this...:)  Here are a BUNCH of facts about Daylight Savings Time:
Eww Tom Brady
Let me just tell you something about me – I am NOT a Tom Brady fan.  I think he gets his hair done before football games and overall is just way to much of a girly man football player for my taste.   Here’s a perfect example in his newest picture released to t…

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