3 Fun Things to Do This Weekend
For many of you, it's a three-day weekend. If you are looking for things to do this weekend, here are a few fun ideas. Click on the links for more information.
Everything Bobcats
Here at XL Country, we have so many great MSU Football prizes to give away that we decided to put them all in one place. Here on the “Everything Bobcats” page, you’ll find ticket giveaways, Blue and Gold Friday signups and tailgate info...
Exploding Eggs Predict The Big Game Winner With a Bang [VIDEO]
Who knew that exploding eggs in a microwave oven could give us some insight about who will win the Big Game on Sunday between Denver & Seattle. Forget about Las Vegas odds-makers and sports pundits on TV. We went the scientific approach and used a Sharpie to place the names of the two teams …
Should Fans Ever Cheer an Injury? — Sports Survey of the Day
Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub went down with an ankle injury in the team's Week 6 loss to the St. Louis Rams. Instead of receiving a sympathetic reaction from the crowd at Reliant Stadium, the injury was cheered, as was Schaub's replacement, T.J. Yates. Is it ever okay to cheer fo…

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