Scrapbook Scribbles – Random Rambles
Happy New Year everyone!  Ok, ok, I'm 11 days late!!  I've just been trying to get over the post-holiday blues.  It's always so sad when we have to take down all of the beautiful decorations and everyone's cheerfulness has moved over for everyone's grumpiness …
Hitting The Big One
Colleen and I talked about the MEGA MILLIONS that was won this week.  She says she would quit work and just disappear.  And I think she would too!  Me on the other hand, would continue to come into work each day
Does This Make My Can Look Big
My wife, Lori and I went shopping today.  Hit THE Walmart, THE Costco, THE IGA, etc...made the rounds.  There's something going on with all retailers that I've know for some time now, but for some reason it hit me wrong today.
Mommy Memos: Birthdays
Birthday time!
My oldest, Emma, turns 9 this weekend.  Tonight is her birthday party...and she wanted a sleepover.  I am not a huge fan of sleepovers.  Kids stay up too late and get tired and cranky.  I realize I sound like my mother right now...
Mommy Memos: Don’t Rush It
I think (fingers crossed) that Matthew is almost out of diapers!  HOORAY!!!  He has been my most difficult child to potty train.  "They" say that boys are harder to train, and "they" also say that intelligent children are more difficult to potty tra…
Mommy Memo: Santa Clause Is Coming To Town
Santa Claus is coming to town!
This is my favorite time of year...not just because of the Holiday lights, Christmas Cheer, family, gifts, and excited children...but because I can threaten them with Santa watching their behavior! The kids were fighting last night, and I said, "I sure hope Sa…
Mommy Memos: Hell Yes!
HELL YES! That's my 3 year old son's answer to everything I ask him now.  "Matthew, do you want lunch?"  "HELL YES!"    "Matthew, did you poop in your pants?"  "HELL YES!"  &nbs…