Have You Ever Been Double Dog Dared?
After having been nominated for a Grammy, record sales reaching over a million, and been invited to go on tour with Tim McGraw, there is only one thing left for The Band Perry to do to prove their superstar status -- sponsor their favorite four legged friend.
I Am A Happy Camper
Please refer to my blog from last week - I Picked My Football Team - XL Country 100.7 KXLB Radio.  I officially picked my football team AND THEY ARE HEADED TO THE SUPERBOWL!  How fun!
Now the important stuff.
Scrapbook Scribbles 8 – My Must-have-go-to-supplies
In My last blog, #7 – My Must-have-go-to-tools, I compared my paper crafting tools to my kitchen tools.  The same can almost be done too with supplies/ingredients.  Of course, you have the basics that you have to have like paper, cardstock, photos, and adhesive – compare to but…
Getting Rid Of My Stuff
How much "stuff" do you really have?  Boxes and boxes full?  Of things you just can't get rid of? What about that so called 'junk-drawer' in the kitchen.  C'mon.  We all have one.  Batteries, papers, old mail, screwdrivers...just full of…
Ever Drink Sour Milk?
I am one to always check the date on the milk carton.  When it's date time, out it goes.  Probably due to the fact that I never used to check dates, or smell the milk for that fact.  I was just one who stood at the fridge,  popped the top and drank from the carton, only this…
Are You Boring? Are You Fun-Loving & Carefree?
Almost all my friends read books.  Constantly.  They carry a book around with them, if they are in getting their oil changed, they are reading, going to a doctor or dentist appointment, they are reading.   I don't read books like I should.  I'm more of a magazine r…
I Picked My Football Team
This year I have been watching a ton of football.  My boyfriend Ross is a football freak, and well I like to hang out with him so I started paying attention.  After all I thought it would help my cause during hockey season – my sport of choice.  And I officially have a team&h…
Bringing Home The Bacon
I picked up a copy of Men's Health  recently and was totally amazed by these stats on how we GUYS have been earning our daily bread.  See if you agree with these bullet points:
Toddler Calls 911 To Report Dad To Santa
I saw this and it made me laugh so hard!  Parents you better watch out! Usually, Santa Claus shuts down his “Naughty and Nice” lists after December 25th, but one toddler tried to get an early start for 2011.
Gone Skiing!
What are you doing this weekend, XL Nation?  I am spending a wonderful Montana winter weekend at Moonlight Basin.  It's family night on Saturday and I would really love to see you there.  You can find out all the information you need to know and make reservations at www.moonlight…

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