What Do You Do For The Fourth Of July?
Fourth Of July is one of those holidays that has just not been the same since I left home.  I used to spend the 4th with my cousins at the farm – which is on the lake.  I have such fond memories of my cousin shooting bottle rockets at chickens – running after those parachute fireworks and gettin…
Bridger Creek Family Fun Day TODAY!
Join the entire Townsquare Media Crew at Bridger Creek Family Fun Day TODAY!  This is an entirely free event, and it’s a ton of fun!  You can participate in 4 different games on the “Ressler Chevrolet” Course and earn points – there will…
Food Pyramid Gets a Makeover
The Food Pyramid has been revamped by the USDA.  Is this something you even pay attention to?  What do you think of the new "pyramid"? ~Erin
The food pyramid, which since 1992 has demonstrated the proper amount of grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat a person sh…
Scrapbook Scribbles 18 – Check Your Sewing Basket
I inherited my grandma's sewing “basket”.  It’s really an oval quilted covered box with two corded handles and a removable top tray and a bunch of tiny compartments.  My mom has one just like it, only in a different color.  When I was y…
Scrapbook Scribbles 17 – Ephemera
What??  What is “Ephemera”?
e·phem·er·a - a class of collectable items not originally intended to last for more than a short time, such as tickets, posters, postcards, or labels.
Do you like to save your concert or movie tickets?  Do you save little shells from your trip to the beach?  A little vile …
How Long Does Food Last?
I looked these up recently, and here's what I found!
Keep these use-by dates in mind when stocking your kitchen.
Bread 5–7 days
Cereal 1 year
Easter Egg Hunt at 1pm Today
The City Of Bozeman Recreation Department and XL Country 100.7 present the annual Easter Egg Hunt today in Lindley Park 900 East Main in Downtown Bozeman.  Kids 12 and under can hunt for over 9,000 eggs and a couple special eggs that will change your Easter...
Scrapbook Scribbles 16 – How Many Pictures
One? Twelve? Twenty?  How many pictures should you use on your layout?  The rule is: there are no rules!  Really!  You just need to decide what is right for the story you want to tell.
In this age of digital cameras, we are no longer limited to the amount of photos that we can tak…
Extreme Couponing
Have you seen the new TV show all about “extreme couponing” ?  Lots of people are going to more extreme lengths to save money in these tough economic times.  Do you collect coupons?
Scrapbook Scribbles 15 – Cards
Do you love sending and receiving cards?  Do you enjoy them even more if they are handmade and have cute little do-dads on them?? Do you get turned off by the high cost of store bought cards?  You can make adorable free cards just by using your scrapbooking scraps and supplies...
Scrapbook Scribbles 13 – To Pose or Not to Pose
To Pose or Not to Pose?  That IS the question.
Undoubtedly, our photos are the centerpiece of our scrapbook pages.  When we are the photographer we more than likely have scrapbooking always on our mind, and we have to consider if we want our subjects posed or not...

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